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书信模拟范文,按次序先后 排定重要性Dear Sir or Madam,  

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书信模拟范文,按次序先后 排定重要性

1 投诉信  主题:对商店服务态度差进行投诉

  Dear Sir or Madam,

  Iam a regular customer of your store and I am writing to show my great angerabout the bad service I encountered in your department store last Sunday。

  Thesaleswoman (No. 411) was by no means patient enough to answer my questionsabout the products. She was so eagerly talking with her friend that she justturned a deaf ear to my questions. I felt disappointed that such bad servicecould have happened in a so-called five-star department store。

  Ihope you do something to stop such things happening any more, just to save yourstore’s fame. I am looking forward to your earliest response to this matter。

Yours truly,

Li Ming

  2申请信  主题:申请继续研究生学习

  Dear Sir or Madam,

  Iam interested in graduate study in Physics, with the ultimate goal of teachingat the college level, and would like to talk with you about the requirements ofyour department。

  After my graduation from Peking Universityin 2000, I worked for several years before my marriage as a teacher in OpenCollege. During that time I completed three graduate courses at Zhe JiangUniversity, but did not finish my master’s degree. A resume of my backgroundand experience is enclosed。

  Icould probably manage almost a full schedule if necessary. However, I wouldprefer to begin on a more limited basis if this could be arranged。

  Iwill call your office in a few days for an appointment。

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming

2请求信  主题:请求朋友帮助自己提高英语


  I am quite sorry thatI have to ask a favor of you, with the hope that you will be kind to helpme.  

  I have been looking forward to applyingfor the entrance examination for MA candidates for a long time because I wantto pursue further studies. Unfortunately I find myself far from the requiredstandard, especially my very poor English. Finally, the personal friendshipleads me to approach you with the request, whether you can give me someconstructive guidance. I promise to be a diligent student. If you agree, pleasecall me as soon as you are free. I hope I can visit you twice a week。

  Thank youvery much for your kind helps again. 

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming

  3咨询信  主题:向一个小镇的负责人咨询关于历史展出的信息

  Dear Sir or Madam,

  I am organizing a group of studentsto pay a visit to the historical exhibition in your town. I am writing the letter in purpose ofinquiring/ seeking/ obtaining/ requesting information concerning/regarding

  the following aspects。

  First of all, whatis the size of the exhibition, what is its theme and what objects are ondisplay? Secondly, what are thedates between which the exhibition will be held, and what are the daily openinghours?

  I must point out that I hope to

  bring over students to the exhibition. SoI would like to inquire if there is any discount available on entrance tickets for students. I look forward to your reply。

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming

3感谢信  主题:感谢自己的朋友在车祸期间对自己的照顾

  Dear John,

  Iam writing to thank you for looking after me after that unfortunate accidentthe other day, when I was knocked off my bike by a taxi. If it had not been foryour assistance in giving me first aid and taking me to a nearby hospital, Ifear that the consequences might have been much more serious。

  Thedoctor says that my broken leg is healing well. In addition, the taxi companyhas agreed to pay my hospital bills. Everyone agrees that it was yourquick-witted response in that emergency that has led to this satisfactoryoutcome。

  Althoughnowadays many people talk about the need to be unselfish and to help others, wesee very few people practicing what they preach. But you showed by your actionsthat you are an exception。

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming

4 祝贺信  主题:对自己朋友获得一等科学奖给予祝贺

  DearLi Hua,

  I am writing this letter toextend to you my sincerest congratulations on your winning the first-classscience award because of your creative work in the field of applied chemistry。

  I know that it is the result ofmany years of hard work and numerous experiments. I have heard of the excellentachievements you reached in studies. This shows that your outstanding scholarlyattainments and whole-hearted devotion to science have been given publicrecognition。

  As one of your friends, I amdelighted that I will share your honor and achievements, and I am very proud ofyou. Best wishes for your greater success in all that you undertake. I amlooking forward to hearing from you soon。

Yours Sincerely

Li Ming


  5建议信  主题:对自己朋友的大学专业选择问题给出建议

  Dear John,

  Youasked for advice concerning whether you should study history or computerscience at university. I will try making some suggestions。

  Universityis preparation for your career. You should consider studying a subject which willbest equip you to earn a living. Computer science offers more job opportunitiesthan history. We are now in a high-tech age. For the foreseeable future, itwould be necessary for everyone to be equipped with computer skills merely toearn a living! Of course, you don't have to devote all your time at universityto studying computers and nothing else. I would recommend that you continuereading of history in your spare time. That way, you will find that yourleisure hours are enriched while you prepare yourself for a worthwhile careerin computer science。

  Whateveryou decide to do, I wish you everything goes well

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming

   6道歉信  主题:对没能赴约表示道歉,并希望另约时间

  Dear Jane,  

  Iam sorry to tell you that I won’t be able to come this afternoon because I haveto go to the airport at 2:00 p. m. to meet an overseas visitor from Australia。

  Ireally have kept our date in my mind all these days. However, I received myboss’ e-mail this morning, and he asked me to go to the airport to meet one ofhis friends from abroad. It’s all of a sudden and urgent and I must go。

  Isincerely hope you could accept my apology. Would you please ring me up to makeanother time?  I am looking forward to your earliest reply。

Yours truly,

Li Ming

话题:社会文明道德类(公共文明)  参考范文:


  Asis vividly demonstrated in the drawing above, apleasant trip is spoiled by a man who takes off one of his shoes on a plane,which is most thought-provoking. Phenomenon of the kind is not uncommonaround us。

  Theaim of the painter of the drawing can be briefed as follows. On the one hand,bad manners in public places can no longer be ignored. Over these years, thepeople’s living standards have greatly improved, but the development of ourcivilization seems to fall far behind. No matter where you live and work, badmanners are easily spotted. The stains of spitting and chewing gums have becomethe disaster of most public places. Good manners, such as waiting in line andsaying “Thank you” and “Sorry”, are rarely found. We are losing the basicqualities of a modern citizen. On the other hand, it is urgent for us toeliminate our bad manners. As we know, China is an opening-up country. Itis our obligation to display not only our economy development but also ournational civilization to the international community. Such bad manners revealedin the drawing will spoil our international image. In sum, bad manners shouldarouse our social concern。

  In my view, counter-measures should betaken to get rid of the headache caused by bad manners. First of all,laws and regulations must be set up to ban bad manners. In addition, anation-wide campaign must be launched to spread the importance of good mannersamong the general public, especially the young. Only in this way can we soonembrace a harmonious society。(

个人品质类(论“读书”的重要性) 参考范文:


  As canbe seen from this vivid picture, a candle burning prosperously isholding a big book, smiling with much satisfaction. Thanks to the bookin its hand, it seems as if it is brighter and brighter. What aninstructive and thought-provoking sight it is!

  Whatthe cartoon seems to convey to us may turn out to be the implication: fortunefavors the man who values book-reading. Undoubtedly, throughbook-reading, one can absorb the essences of thoughts and ideas of the greatestminds or elites in various cultural areas. Furthermore, reading books is also a process of accumulatingfundamental knowledge for further invention and innovation, which isparticularly essential to youngsters. Let’s consider Jordan Hill who

  was an outstanding philosopher. He had advocated book-reading all through hislife, admitting that “magical books had brought me many sweet fruits during mypursuit for success。” Similarly, such is the same case with our personalstudy。

  Frommy perspective, it is book-reading that leads us to attain theultimate dream of success, for book cannot simply make ourknowledge profound and extensive, but enlighten our thoughts. Andaccordingly, it is high time that we should become aware of this andcultivate the habit of reading books. If you intend to be a better andqualified contributor to our national construction of science and technology,you ought to act up right now!(

个人品质类(勤奋)  参考范文:


  Ascan be seen from the cartoons, different students may havedifferent ways on how to spend their college days: a boy student indulgeshimself in computer games, wasting money and time; while a girl student buriesherself in a large pile of books, striving to get prepared for the future。

  Thepicture is fairly thought-provoking, which intends to convey to us differentways of living will cause different ending. After the fierce competition in theentrance examination, some students may have the illusion that they are secureat last in college. Therefore they do not concentrate on their studies andwaste money and time. Needless to say, we all have the right to choose ourown way of life. However, college students should define and realize theirgoals. Time in college is one of the most important periods in our life when wecan further prepare ourselves academically for a successful future. Settinggoals is an active way of living. Generally speaking, people are bettermotivated when they want to attain the goal they set for themselves and have asense of fulfillment when they succeed. This is true for college students aswell。

  Consideringall the points discussed above, we can easily recognize the significance of settinggoals in terms of achieving success. Students should not only keep theirambitions in mind, but also seriously strive towards them. Without a clearpurpose, one might easily waste crucial years neglecting one’s studies。(

大学生相关  话题1:“创业”



  From the above pie chart,we can see that the reason why college students start their own businessesvaries. Those whose ideals are to become entrepreneurs account for 44% of thetotal, highest among all the five categories, and those who could not findsuitable jobs and thus turn to running their own business account for 15%。

  It is not uncommon for college students tostart their own business prior to or after graduation. Above all, students who starttheir own businesses can gain a better insight into their future career. Inaddition, whether they fail or succeed, the work experience gained will come inhandy when they seek a full-time job in the future. Employers will regard thesegraduates as more hard-working and motivated than those who lack workexperience。

  From my perspective, creating their ownbusinesses is of vital importance for the career development of collegestudents. I suggest that before “getting their feet wet” in the business world,college students should arm themselves with relevant knowledge and informationwhile in college. Only through this can they enjoy a prosperous and gloriousfuture。


Changes of Employment of University Graduates in 2009 and 2014


  As can be seen from the abovecharts, some important changes have taken place in the past years with regardto the employment of university graduates. In 2009, about 50% ofthe university graduates found suitable positions in state-owned firms, whileonly 18% ofthem were working in private firms. However, in 2014, private firms took almost50% ofgraduate, while only 15% of them were willingto work in state-owned firms。

  It is no difficult job for us tocome up with some possible factors that underlie the above changes. In thefirst place, most state-owned firms were still operated under planned economy,whose economic condition was not as good as expected. Therefore, fewer andfewer university graduates wanted to find jobs in state-owned firms. In thesecond place, private firms were run under market-oriented economy. There wereflexible systems in private firms, in which university graduates were morelikely to apply what they had learned in school to their work. Thus they couldhave more chances to be promoted, as they were willing to work in privatefirms。

  From what has been discussed sofar, I think that the employment situation in the state-owned firms won’tchange much so long as the state-owned firms don’t change their system. And itcan be predicted that the present situation will continue for quite a while inthe near future。(











  As is vividly illustratedin the drawing above, the Internet is pouring out a large amount ofinformation. Facing this situation, a mirror of distinguishing true and false isused to filter these information, the true are remained, and the false arethrown into the dustbin。

  The implicationimplicit in the drawing can be elaborated as follows. On the one hand, theInternet has provided us with great convenience and efficiency. For example, wecan get knowledge about nearly all aspects on the Internet with only severalkeyboard commands and a few clicks of the mouse through search engines. On theother hand, with an explosive amount of information on the Internet it can bedifficult to tell good information from bad. For example, teenagers andadolescents may mistake the bad information online as good, the result of whichcan be rather devastating. In addition, some dirty information such as obsceneand violent contents on the net may exert negative impact on people。

  Based on what isanalyzed above, on the one hand, it is important for us to take full advantageof Internet to enhance our efficiency and save our time. On the other hand,effective steps should be taken to educate people to avoid and eludeinappropriate and even wrong data online so as not to be misguided. Only inthis way can the net better serve for our life, study and work。(

社会文明道德类——“爱的奉献(The devotion of love)” 参考范文:


  What the picture depicts is that infront of a donation box, many people reach out their hands to help the disasterarea. And the words in the picture manifest that more and more people devotelove to the group who need help, and with everyone’s contribution to build aharmonious society。

  What thepicture is intended to convey is a kind of love—devotion. Love is the most powerful emotion expressby humans and can be reflected in all fields. You may have heard the song—The Devotionof Love. Just as the lyricsof the song go, as long as everyone devotes a little love, the world will beeven more beautiful. Whenever I hear the song, I can’t help thinking of my dearteacher, Mr. Wang. He committed his life to the cause of education. He will beremembered as an engineer of the soul forever。

  He cared notonly for our studies but also for our minds. Whenever we had difficulties inour studies or in our daily life, he would encourage us to overcome them. Whenwe failed in our exams, he would encourage us "Don‘t lose heart, workharder and you will succeed". He was just like a candle, burning himselfaway to provide light for others. He was such a good teacher that he won thelove and respect from all of the students。

  A harmonioussociety needs the love from everyone, because as a member of a society, we areinterdependent. Should we all do something to help people around and devote alittle bit to the community we live in, a harmonious world would be realizedsoon。(

个人品质类(理想与行动) 【优秀范文】


  We can see from the above cartoon that a man is much talkative when he talks abouthis plan, but what he does is not in proportion with what he talks. Obviously,his words speak louder than his actions。

  Theauthor of the cartoon invites us to focus on a truth that endless plansparalyze actions. There are simply no great success and achievements in theworld that are not achieved through hard work and diligence. Similarly, a dreamcan be realized when you decide to work for it and persist continuously. Everyonedesires to succeed, but not all his dreams can come true until he works hard toimplement his plans. People give up their dreams for this or that reason. Thosewhose dreams become true have at least one thing in common, that is, theyalways hold fast to their dreams and always keep their feet on the ground. Justaround us, for instance, the athletes who gain the gold medals, the artists whoare popular with the public, and even the students who enter the universityafter years of hard study and preparation, are all dream-holders。

Toconclude, to succeed, we need to spare no efforts and hold fast to your dreamsjust as our nation sticks to our Chinese Dream. The path to dreams may not besmooth and wide, and even some sacrifices are needed, but hold on to the end,you will find there is no greater happiness than making your dream come true。



  As is portrayed in this picture, twosnails are climbing up a tree freely, and the higher one looking at a flow of carsbeing caught in a traffic jam, said to the other that “come on, see the crowdedcars, they are slower than us”。

  What the pictureis intended to convey is that the swift developmentof private car meets with the requirements of public traffic, but also arousesthe negative externality. Heavy transportation pressure in many cities maybring much inconvenience to people and exert adverse impact on the environment.On the one hand, when traffic jam happens, short distance in the past now seemsto become terribly long, and drivers could do nothing but to wait. Therefore, alot of precious time has been wasted on the road. On the other hand, exhaustedgas emitted by cars has increased the burden of environment, especially airpollution. And therefore, the health impact of the pollution is becoming abigger concern in china's smoggy capital。

  Therefore, effective measures should betaken to alleviate the traffic jam. Firstly, planned development of the numberof private cars should be carried out. Secondly, public transportation such asbuses and subways, which are low-carbon transportation means, should beencouraged and promoted. The effective implementation of the measures mustbenefit the coordinated development of society and economy, environment andecology。(

文化合作交流  模拟范文1(英语一):


  Fromthe above cartoon we can see that on the day of Spring Festival, a Chinesetraditional festival, two men are greeting each other. What is most striking isthat the Chinese man wears a suite and a tie, while a foreigner is in Chinesetraditional costume。

  Apparently,the cartoonist intends to remind us of the great influence of Chinese cultureon foreign people.  With the development of China, the increasingcharm of Chinese tradition attracts more and more foreigners who come to Chinawith an eagerness to see the true color of China. First, it heightens oursplendid Chinese culture—now universally accepted as the invaluable treasureof the world. Attracted by the splendid Chinese culture, now many foreigners areflooding to China to study or to work. Next, it reflects our greatachievements. During the last two decades no one can ignore the rapid progressof China. How can’t people be fascinated with such an energetic country with along and colorful culture!

  We should cherish, rejuvenate and popularize ourculture as aggressively as Americans do. We are confident that abetter-educated China armed with modern science and technology will surprisethe world with greater progress. How nice to be a modern Chinese!


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